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modelo_pa1.jpgWomen around the world are discovering the unique and amazing beauty and skin care products that come from the most distinctive spas in Europe and Latin America. Acquaessentials.com makes these beauty and skin care lotions, scrubs, gels, solar protection & after sun products, anti cellulite cosmetics, hair care products and anti wrinkle creams available exclusively online and right at your fingertips. The instant you apply our Mondariz, Caviahue, Exel Biocosmetics and Naturalis lines of skin care products your skin will feel smoother, softer and younger. Experience Caviahue, Mondariz, Exel Biocosmetics and Naturalis and feel rejuvenated in skin that is healthier looking and beautiful to the touch. 

The Acquaessentials.com Mission

At Acquaessentials.com we are proud to provide you with some of the most sought after and exclusive beauty and skin care spa products found anywhere in the world. These natural and thermal water based products, biocosmetics and organic creams & lotions are of the highest quality and manufacturing standards. Everyone at Acquaessentials.com is dedicated to providing you with great customer care along with our ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.